Rota Vicentina, Historical & Fisherman’s Trail, Portugal

The Rota Vicentina is a network of footpaths in the South West of Portugal. Most people start in the north from Porto Covo (Fisherman’s Trail) or Santiago do Cacem, which is where the Historical Trail starts. The Fisherman’s Trail tends to follow the coastline more, whereas the Historical Trail is more inland. Sometimes the two … Read more

Intro to the E9 European Hiking Trail

European E9 Path

Introducing the E9 Walking Route The E9 is the European Atlantic and Baltic E hiking path The European E paths are long distance hiking trails that cross all over Europe. The E9 is 5.500 km and passes through Portugal, Spain, France, Great Britain, Belgium, Netherlands, Germany, Poland. Latvia and Estonia (and perhaps Russia?). You will … Read more

Bibbulmun Track Big Picture Map

Bibbulmun Track Map

Bibbulmun Track Map I have just completed my Bibbulmun Track map which is now available to download at the link below! It’s another labour of love What is the Bibbulmun Track? The Bibbulmun Track, or the Bibb as it\’s otherwise known, is a long distance hike from the Perth suburb of Kalamunda to the south … Read more

A Slow Tour du Mont Blanc

Mont Blanc Tour Introduction The Tour du Mont Blanc is one of the world’s most famous hiking trails circling the Mt Blanc massif (mountain range) and of course Europe’s highest peak!     Walking the route usually takes around 10 to 12 days and is 170 km or 110 miles long. An annual race sees … Read more

My Current Big Three Items

Introduction to The Big Three items Your ‘big three’ hiking items usually consist of the heaviest bits of gear that you carry on trail. These are typically your backpack, shelter and sleep system (sleeping bag and pad – technically that’s four!). Because these items tend to be your heaviest three, it’s important to try and … Read more

Camino de Santiago Big Picture Map

Welcome to the Camino de Santiago big picture map! I find it useful to have an overview of an entire hike, however long it is. I also have a love for map creation too! For these reason I have created a unique one page PDF Camino Frances map that can help you plan your Camino … Read more

Via de la Plata Map – Big Picture

via de la plata map

Welcome to the Via de la Plata Map providing you with the big picture! I personally find useful to have an overview of an entire hike, however long it is. I also have a love for creating maps too! This is what inspired to create the Via de la Plata map in the first place. … Read more

How to plan a Camino walk

Planning a Camino Hike So you have decided that you want to walk to Santiago or perhaps another Camino walk? Maybe you have watched the movie ‘The Way’ or been inspired by TV shows about the camino, or perhaps read one of the many books on caminos. In an ideal world, you would just throw … Read more