A little about me

I am Ant from the UK. I love hiking and the outdoors! I also love making websites, maps and videos too! I have been location independent since 2005 when I gave up the London corporate rat race to travel and work online. I am still doing this today, which is awesome because it has enabled me to hike more!

Hiking in Tongariro NP, New Zealand. Probably my favourite national park!

Growing up in England

I never actually hiked or did much outdoors in my younger days. Family holidays were spent at the seaside, usually in Southwest England. Some people grow up living in the outdoors, but this was not the case for me!

University days and working in London (my 20s)

I attended university in Sheffield which is actually a great city if you love the outdoors. The Peak district National Park is right on the doorstep of the suburbs! I was still more interested in playing sports like football than doing hikes. I eventually ended up working in London and my whole 20s were consumed by my career working in technology. I still hadn’t really discovered my love for the outdoors and had only really camped at music festivals!

Discovering a love for travel (my 30s)

I never had traveled much before I was 30 except for two week holidays to Spain and city breaks around Europe. I am not entirely sure how I got the idea to travel, but a trip to Southeast Asia in 2002 was a game changer for me.

surfing in new zealand

Surfing was another passion of mine and I still occasionally catch a wave!

Coming back to England after three months in Asia was tough and I was never settled in London after that, but I still had to work of course! I then decided to start my own online business, which could enable me to work from anywhere. I haven’t looked back from that!

Passion for New Zealand

My first real foray into hiking, camping and backpacking was in New Zealand during a 6 month stay in 2002. NZ is one of the best destinations for wilderness hikes as it has an immense network of hiking tracks and awesome backcountry huts. There really isn’t anywhere that can compare. Since 2011 NZ has also had the Te Araroa, a 3000km long trail from the top to the bottom of the country. I still hope to hike the whole thing one day!

abel tasman new zealand

Abel Tasman National Park, New Zealand

Fast forward to the start of another decade and I am still living the digital nomad life and and planning more hikes!

Discovering the awesome Camino de Santiagos of Spain

I’ve currently hiked a number of Caminos. Many people think there is only one Camino (the Camino Frances) but there are actually many of them, and not just in Spain either. I am hoping to hike more and more of the Caminos and one day I dream of hiking from the UK to Santiago!

On the Via de la Plata, which goes from Seville to Astorga, then onwards to Santiago

I also hope to complete some of America’s great national scenic trails like the Pacific Crest and Appalachian Trail.  I have hiking plans for Europe too beyond the Caminos and hope to hike across the UK and Ireland at some point.

I hope you gain some inspiration from my online content and get out and hike more too.

It really is the best way to travel and see places!

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