Back to the bush – Kalamunda to Dwellingup, Day 9

It’s cold as I type this and my fingers may freeze up at some point, so will have to keep this one short. It’s kind of fitting as I had a short 17km day.

Today started in Perth Yha where I had been holed up for a while. I was booked on the 9 am bus back to North Bannister.

It felt a little depressing being back at the derelict roadhouse where I had to wait almost four hours for the bus on day 8.

I had about 2.5 km of highway walk that was not too bad as there was a lot of space to walk. I rejoined the Bibb and had 14 km to the White Horse Camp.

It’s surprising how tired I felt today and everything seemed to ache or rub, even my lovely backpack! I know I will be back in the grove in a day or so.

I could not fit my tent under the shelter bunks as usual so I am camped just outside. I hope it doesn’t rain too much as Kmart will struggle.

It’s just dark now at 6.55pm and I am about to clean my teeth and crawl into my sleeping bag.

I am hoping to double hut tomorrow (meaning I will skip one) so in for a 32 km day. I must not lie in!