Along the pilgrim highway – Day fifteen

Today was a relatively short one, just 17km from the outskirts of Fromista to Carrion De Los Condes. Despite the short distance, it was tough going in the 30C heat. At times the track followed the main road, and with no shade, it felt quite a struggle.

These tracks, known as sendas, are purpose built ‘pilgrim highways’ that run beside trunk roads. In my guide they are described as soulless. I can confirm this to be true.

I walked with a young girl from Germany, who was camping with me at the really nice La Finca alburgue last night. She was a little unsure what to do with her life after the Camino and planned trip to Turkey.

In the 5 hours we walked I may well have talked her into getting a working holiday visa for Australia and New Zealand, an option she was not aware of.

These conversations certainly helped pass the long boring stretches today. We stopped at three village bars for coffee and were soon joined by a hilarious British/Norwegian couple who drank at least two beers at every stop. In this heat!

The main albergue was full so we have ended up in a convent. It’s full of pilgrims, 90 beds to be exact. The nuns who run it are really sweet too. Frustrating again that I can’t say much beyond basic Spanish to them!

Feet: No problema

Food: coffee x3, toast marmalade, muffin, cheese and ham toastie, cornetto, crisps, cous cous and salad, moose (pudding not mammal).

Feeling: Tired and hot.