Back in wine country – Day twenty five

Hola from Villafranca.

I am one day short of Galicia or Green Spain, as it’s otherwise known. I started out today at the rather late hour of 9am and walked 24km, so not a huge day. I am staying at the albergue municipal, so back to earth after two nights in my own room!

All day it looked like rain but it never came. I am in a micro climate of cool and dry, so I spent much of the day walking through vineyards. It brought back memories of the earlier stages which I dearly miss.

The landscapes haven’t been as memorable since Burgos in my opinion. I miss the nothingness of the Meseta and warm afternoons walking through olive groves.

I have a fascination with desolate and featureless landscapes. I like deserts naturally and the drive I once took across the Nullabor Plain in Australia ranks as a travel highlight. If you like nothingness too then book a trip Downunder!

Tomorrow will be a long day as we climb back to the mountains and into a new region of Spain. This will be the final region of the journey. Santiago is just a week away now.

Part of me is looking forward to the finish but another part wants the journey to continue.

All good things…

Feet: Smelly.

Food: Toast, coffee x1!, bread, ham, tomatoes (box of), peanuts, chicken tikka masala x2! (There is a Carrefour in town and this monster French supermarket chain actually stocks international food e.g. more variety than tinned fish, bread and olives).

Feeling: Hungry.