Back to nature – Day four

I am sitting in a lovely garden of the main Albergue in gorgeous Puente La Reina.

It’s quite surreal because white fluffy stuff from the trees is snowing down on me.

I’ve had a splendid day and the 24 plus kms seem easy, guess I am getting a little fitter. I left around 8am from Pamplona, and really happy to have rid myself of the need to rush to the next available bed.

I have noticed a more relaxed vibe with other pilgrims too. There are so many places to stop now, and private albergues are even sending sales people to pitch as you approach a town.

I bought a lighter sleeping bag yesterday, leaving me with one spare. It was quite good quality, so couldn’t really be thrown away.

As I was walking through Pamplona in the early morning mist, a homeless guy saw me carrying it and pointed, I offered, and he accepted with a smile. Win win.

Feet: Still ok! Many others are limping.

Food: Coffee x3, haribos, tortilla patatas, bread, magnum (cream not gun), olives, tuna & sweetcorn pasta (cooked myself), cookies, bottle of rioja (shared with one other).

Feeling: Bit drunk.