Last day of Bibbulmun 2017 – Balingup to Pemberton, Day 24

After over three walks of walking the Bibbulmun track, my last day came and was a pretty straight forward walk into the small ‘town’ of Pemberton.

I was last to leave Beedleup campsite at around 9am and set off at a good pace. It tends to be the usual thing that once you get close to the finishing line, you just want to coss it.

After a couple of hours I came to quite a main road and some open farmland which made a nice change from the forest. The trees were still very impressive though and I really enjoyed walking among these giants.

It felt a little like being in my next destination New Zealand, particularly the North Island.

The day went pretty quickly and I was soon to arrive in Pemberton. I had booked the YHA while on the track and therefore was eager to get shower after another long stretch sans hot water!

The YHA was really nice and I made good friends with a number of people there, and a cat who had a taste for pizza.

I ended up staying in Pemberton a few nights and two sisters from Perth kindly gave me a ride back to the city.

I am going to write more about my overal experience on the Bibbulmun this year, but it’s safe to say that I will be back one day to either start again where I left off in Pemberton and walk the 400 km to Albany or thru-hike the whole 1000 km.

We will see! Next stop for me is New Zealand where I am going to be doing some more Te Araroa sections and other some other short trails.

Hang your food up in the shelters unless you want to share it with the local wildlife!