Family barbie – Kal to N.Ban, Day 4

I left Beraking campsite at the stunningly late time of 10.30 am! Any hope of a monster 30 km day was already dashed before breakfast, or should I say brunch.

It was one of the warmest days on the track and being a Saturday I expected there to be a few more campers than usual at Brookton campsite.

Brookton camp is only 2.6 km from the Brookton highway, so easily accessible to those with a car and the ability to walk for half an hour.

I arrived at Brookton around 4.30 pm after an easy 20 km day. There was a local family there consisting of Mum, Dad, Auntie, daughter and daughter’s boyfriend.

I suppose I felt a little awkward as they were probably hoping for a family night together, but they could not have been more friendly and welcoming.

I was fed chicken, red wine and whisky! They had just walked the 2.6 km from their cars, so could easily carry all sorts of goodies. They were truly lovely people. The Dad, who nearing 60 and no seasoned hiker, had just walked 15 days through the jungles of Papua New Guinea!

Turned out half of them have British citizenship, which is not uncommon in this part of Australia.