bibb track map

Bibbulmun Track Big Picture Map

Bibbulmun Track Map

I have just completed my Bibbulmun Track map which is now available to download at the link below! It’s another labour of love and I hope future walkers will find it useful. The map is based on my previous Big Picture versions of the Camino de Santiago French Way map and the Via de la Plata map.

You can DOWNLOAD THE BIBBULMUN MAP HERE or by clicking the picture below.

What is the Bibbulmun Track?

The Bibbulmun Track, or the Bibb as it’s otherwise known, is a long distance hike from the Perth suburb of Kalamunda to the south coast town of Albany. The hike is 1005.3km long and usually takes between 35 and 50 days to thru hike.

The track is supported by the Bibbulmun Track foundation and the WA Parks service who do a superb job of maintaining the trail. It really is a wonderful thing! The shelters are based on the Appalachian Trail ones in the USA and are pretty even spaced along the entire trail.

Another unique feature is the fact the trail actually goes through a number of ‘trail towns’. Leaving Kalamunda, the trail travels over 200km south to the small settlement of Dwellingup. After Dwellingup the track continues south towards the mining town of Collie and then on to Balingup. The privately owned settlement of Donnelly River Village is next up followed by Pemberton.

We are now getting quite far south as the track turns to the left and heads for Walpole, Denmark and Finally the Southern terminus of Albany.

bibbulmun track map

Do I need a map for the Bibbulmun Track?

The Bibb is actually very well marked but it’s recommended to take a map, or at least have access to some kind of online map. My Bibbulmun Track map is useful as an overview, but does not replace the excellent maps from the Bibbulmun Foundation.

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