What and where is the Bibbulmun Track

The Bibbulmun, known locally as The Bibb, is a long distance hiking trail in Western Australia. The entire trail is over 1000 km long starting from the Perth Hills and ending in Albany on WA’s southern coast. Some people walk it north bound starting from Albany, but the most popular way is to go southbound. More of an introduction can be found on the wikipedia site’s Bibb page.

The Bibb has an excellent network of three sided shelters not too dissimilar to the Appalachian Trail’s huts. Hikers that have done both trails have commented that the Bibb’s huts are in much better condition compared to the AT.

The Trail Marker of the Bibb

The Bibb has a very active organisation that looks after all the interests of the trail called the Bibbulmun Track Foundation . They are based in the state capital Perth.

The Bibb is mainly used as a section hike with the number of thru hikers only being in the 100s per year.

The best time to walk the Bibb is Autumn (April, May) or Spring (Sept, Oct). The summer (Dec – Mar) is the worst time to walk the Bibb. You may well encounter bush fires at worst and 40C plus temperatures at best!

The track was opened in 1979 and every year is becomes more popular.