Huge day in the heat – Bal to Pem, Day 23

I awoke very early with the birds and briefly considered going back to sleep and not doing a double day. Then I suddenly felt a surge of energy to get up, pack up and get out. I was walking by 6.30 am, which was the earliest I left any camp on the Bibb.

I knew the weather forecast was for a hot day, but thankfully it remained cool for most of the morning, helped as I was sheltered from the sun by the hugely impressive karri trees.

I knew there were lots of hills today and the track was soon going up and down with alarming regularity. One climb was very steep and I honestly think someone could have a heart attack climbing it. Most steep climbs have switchbacks, but not this one. I was pretty beaten by the time I arrived at my halfway lunch spot of Beavis Camp.

I was very glad not to be staying at Beavis as it was right next to a swap which was a magnet for insects of all types. I had planned on having a long break there but the flies and mozzies drove me back onto the track under the hot midday sun. Only mad dogs and Englishmen!

The second half of the day was a little easier with less hills to climb. I arrived at Beedleup falls to find it festooned with tourists. I only had a few more kms to Beedleup camp.

I then had my second snake encounter. It was as close than I have ever been to something so potentially deadly. It was a Western Australia Tiger snake but soon got out of my way fortunately! It was almost an honour to see one of the world’s most venoous snakes.

I arrived at Beedleup camp around 5pm after a very long day which measured out over 43 km (27 miles). A record day hike for me.

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  1. Hi Tony, just reading your account about your day makes me feel tired! Glad you’re still doing what you love best with your life. It makes fantastic reading. Many thanks for giving us oldies an insight into your adventures.
    Take care and stay safe
    Love and hugs

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