Crowds and noise – Kal to N.Ban, Day 5

I slept well at Brookton campsite and the family were up nice and early. This was good for me as I had a long day ahead and couldn’t afford to be lying in my tent until 10 am! I was heading Monadnocks camp via Canning camp (lunch stop) which was around 27 km away.

The family were so cool! It was even a little sad leaving them but of course the journey south must continue. I soon crossed the busy (for WA) Brookton Highway and reached Canning camp around 11 am for an early lunch.

It was a pretty uneventful stroll in the afternoon to Monadnocks and I arrived around 4 pm in the afternoon. As I was approaching I could hear quite a lot of noise and then I could see quite a lot of people.

I think there were seven others at camp. One young Norwegian girl had a hammock and was going to camp in the trees. There was a group of four elders camped in the hut and another middle aged couple who were tented a little way away. The couple told me that two of the group in the hut were the loudest snorers ever, so I pitched the Kmart a good distance from the hut.

Unfortunately the weather let me down and I had to bring Kmart into the shelter. A single skin $12 tent is not going to be much good in the rain. I think it would be okay in showers, but the sky looked very threatening.

As the couple had warned me, two of the group of four snored so loud all night. I have these new ear plugs which have proved to be very effective, but they were no match for this volume of noise. It was an all out assualt on my ear drums.