Carry on camping – Day Twelve

So it was the first day that I did not update the blog! This was due to no time or any internet connection.

My day started from Burgos with my friends from Poland. We started early but due to various levels of injury and fitness, we were split after 10km. Andreas was limping quite heavily with a bad knee and an injury free Katryn was keen for another huge day, so forged ahead.

Luckily my shin splints had been left behind on the tarmac roads, as the trail was gloriously natural today. I totally sympathise with people who run on roads, not sure who their shins cope!

So I was going to camp at an albergue that’s situated in the middle of nowhere on the high meseta, called San Bol. My hopes were dashed when the owner said the police had put a no camping sign on their property. Seems crazy when it’s so remote, bloody kill joys.

They had no beds either, so I had to walk another 6km to Hontanas. One and a bit hours later I descended a steep drop into the village and spied some pilgrims campers on a lovely flat piece of land.

My prayers were answered, and after a good few laughs with the other campers, once the sun finally slipped away, a night of peace and quiet was my reward.

Feet: Fine today, bit of a blister on my little toe but not too sore.

Food: The usual mix of high calories and carbs!

Feeling: Great to sleep in the outdoors!