Bibbulmun Track Big Picture Map

Bibbulmun Track Map

Bibbulmun Track Map I have just completed my Bibbulmun Track map which is now available to download at the link below! It’s another labour of love What is the Bibbulmun Track? The Bibbulmun Track, or the Bibb as it\’s otherwise known, is a long distance hike from the Perth suburb of Kalamunda to the south … Read more

Huge day in the heat – Bal to Pem, Day 23

I awoke very early with the birds and briefly considered going back to sleep and not doing a double day. Then I suddenly felt a surge of energy to get up, pack up and get out. I was walking by 6.30 am, which was the earliest I left any camp on the Bibb. I knew … Read more

Past the halfway – Bal to Pem, Day 22

The guy who said nothing left Tom Road camp very early which meant that I could get up in my own time and have a relaxing start to the day. The shelter was actually one of my favourite on the whole Bibb so far and I was happy to linger for a while. I had … Read more

Short day to Tom Road camp – Bal to Pem, Day 21

I left DRV around 11am knowing I had a short day ahead of me. I had some more food in the general store and then walked up the Donnelly Oval which is a cricket pitch entirely surrounded by huge Karri trees! My main purpose for going there was the fact it’s where there was strong … Read more

Hanging out with roos and emus – Bal to Pem, Day 20

After the dramatic food theft of the previous night I was keen to get too Donnelly River Village and fix up my tent. Daniel and I left together but he was doing another double hut (as he does every day) so was soon ahead of me. The hike into DRV was around 22 km and … Read more

Zero days at Dolphin Retreat and future plans

I love zero days! The zero refers to the number of trail miles that you do that day. Basically it’s a day off. A nero day is when you just do a few miles. I stayed in Dolphin Retreat many years ago and it’s nice to be back. The owners are so friendly and nice, … Read more

Sprint into town – Kalamunda to Collie, Day 17

I left Harris camp around 9am and had plenty of time to catch the 5.30pm bus from Collie to the coastal ‘city’ of Bunbury. It might well be the last day of walking through the endless jarrah forests and it was pretty flat so I got to Collie with time to spare. View this post … Read more