My Bibbulmun Track Mini Datasheet

Here is some general information for anyone thinking of doing the Bibbulmun track. I must start off by saying that the official Bibb track site is absolutely awesome and should be your first (or next) port of call. Where is the Bibbulmun Track? The Bibb is located in South Western Australia and runs 1000km from … Read more

Western Australia, where fame is just a bite away

After spending six weeks in steamy Southeast Asia, I arrived in a much cooler Southwest Australia. Winter here is turning into spring, so the perfect time to get out for a walkabout. It was pretty neat to travel so far and still be in a same timezone. No jet lag here! This is all good because I am … Read more

When lots of research becomes too much

There is nothing more off-putting than reading too much about a trail. As a committed over-thinker, I am slowly learning that too much research can lead to analyse paralysis and even giving up on an idea. Take my next adventure; the Bibbulmun Track, one of the World’s great long distance hikes. In a previous post … Read more

What and where is the Bibbulmun Track

The Bibbulmun, known locally as The Bibb, is a long distance hiking trail in Western Australia. The entire trail is over 1000 km long starting from the Perth Hills and ending in Albany on WA’s southern coast. Some people walk it north bound starting from Albany, but the most popular way is to go southbound. … Read more

Snakes on the trails

I am currently in Hoi An, Vietnam. I love this place! Shame there are no trails here although the temperatures are in the late 30s, so not really suited to long walks! There is the Ho Chi Minh trail, but you really need two wheels and an engine for that one. As I mentioned in an … Read more