What I read on the Camino, about the Camino

I am an avid reader of books. One the best things that I ever bought (and subsequently bought new versions) was the Amazon Kindle. I have the 4th version, just the basic one that I bought in Heathrow departures for £59 ($80 ish). John Brierley – Pilgrim Guide to the Camino de Santiago, 2015 The … Read more

All good things – Day thirty four

Camino Santiago Pilgrim

Apologies for the late update to the blog. Yesterday I woke at 4am and decided to walk the final 40kms in one day. I set off in the dark and was a little excited by the challenge. In the end It was easier than I expected. I am pleased with myself for being able to … Read more

Don’t cry for me Santiago – Day thirty three

You know when you get a song in your head. Anyway, hola from Arzua, under 40Kms to Santiago, that’s two short day walks (barely a stroll for me, ha). I bashed out 28 Kms today with ease.  Because of my lazy zero days, quite a few familiar faces have turned up, which has been nice, … Read more

Another zero day (and Brexit) – Day thirty two

Last night was the historic vote on the UK’s membership of the EU. I stayed up way too late watching the disturbing events unfold and therefore have no energy or enthusiasm to walk the 27km required today. My laziness has been punished as the town I am in closed today for another fiesta! So food … Read more

Big day – Day thirty one

Thursday the 23rd of June 2016 could be a defining day for the UK! I am in Palais de Rei. Three days away from Santiago. Guess my attention is on the unfolding story back home with Brexit. Will write more tomorrow.

Losing my religion – Day thirty

Today I passed the 100Km to go sign, meaning my time on the Camino Frances is rapidly shrinking. Part of me wants it to end, but only part of me. I left Sarria at 9am, and as a result had a tough slog through the intense afternoon sun. Only mad dogs and Englishmen eh! Sarria … Read more

Another zero day, but have first video online – Day twenty nine

I am still in Sarria. The combination of a bargain rate on a double room, a very hot forecast and a slight hangover kept me here. I have been hard at work though and finally uploaded part one of my camino solo video! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCY4l2veb9yy6zRHOjYRvbKg Hope you enjoy it! See you tomorrow, when I will have … Read more

Off the beaten track – Day twenty eight

My day started with a big decision. There are two possible routes to Sarria, and being a little lazy by nature, I took the shorter one. You maybe a little surprised that after walking for four weeks I still consider  myself lazy. If you don’t believe me,  then ask my accountant. The weather is back … Read more

Things that go squeak in the night – Day Twenty Seven

I had my worst night’s sleep ever! The albergue had stupidly large dorms and no hot water either. I was on the top bunk and the whole frame swayed like a drunken football fan. Beneath me was a miserable young French girl who never smiled once. Fair enough I suppose. She did end up tossing … Read more