Peregrino con rapido – Day twenty six

What a tough old day! 31k (19.5 miles)  and a climb of 1200m, much of it squeezed into the last 7k! I am finally in Galicia, and around 150k from my destination, the fabled city of Santiago. I am in another tiny dot of a village (pop 50) called O’Cebreiro, it’s a busy tourist destination … Read more

Back in wine country – Day twenty five

Hola from Villafranca. I am one day short of Galicia or Green Spain, as it’s otherwise known. I started out today at the rather late hour of 9am and walked 24km, so not a huge day. I am staying at the albergue municipal, so back to earth after two nights in my own room! All … Read more

Spanish Mike and the unknown tapas – Day twenty four

I am still in Ponferrada! I decided this morning to take a day off. In thru-hiking terms, this has officially been a zero day! I am staying at a nice hostal and could extend by one day. The weather has also been dreadful, worst than England in fact, and I have not had a day’s … Read more

The rain in Spain – Day twenty three

Just a short blog post. I was messing around with my phone (from which I blog) and managed to break it. I had to do factory reset and install everything again. Bit of a nightmare actually. I am in Ponferrada after walking 28km. I left early this morning and after my comments about not raining … Read more

Every breath you take – Day Twenty Two

I am in the tiny and somewhat abandoned village of Foncabaden. A tied up goat groans as you walk up the main (only) street. We are 1400m above sea level and it’s cold enough for a merino wool base layer. I left Astorga at 7.30am and all day the sky looked menacing. Here is the … Read more

Cost of doing a Camino – Day Twenty One

I am in the pretty little town of Astorga. I only walked 18km today, but it felt hard going after a very long hike yesterday. I am in a huge alburgue (160 beds!) with far too many bunks per room. I guess pilgrims can’t be choosers! Today was quite uneventful except for some guy who … Read more

In Hospital & 5 reasons to do a Camino – Day Twenty

I am in a charming little town called Hospital de Orbigo. It was a long hike today but the weather was almost perfect. It never got too hot and I enjoyed a nice breeze. Not much happened today of any note, so I thought I’d give you a few reasons why people do a Camino. … Read more

Saved by the lion – Day nineteen

I am in the grand city of Leon. It’s a bit of a shock to be somewhere slightly cosmopolitan along the Camino. It’s making a refreshing change from the one donkey towns. I started early today as I knew that bed spaces would be tight. Leon has been booked out for days, but luckily most … Read more

Food tedious food – Day eighteen

Two and a bit weeks in and I am having my first not so great day. I was woken way too early from a deep sleep and never really recovered. I had to take a long detour along a busy road after I couldn’t find a shop open. The track was boring and the landscape … Read more

Friends reunited – Day seventeen

One of the joys of the Camino is bumping into other pilgrim friends again. I arrived in the tiny village of Calzado de Coto, and headed for it’s one albergue, and inside was about half a dozen of familiar faces. I started my 27km at 6.30am,  accompanied by the sweetest of sunrises. The comfortable early … Read more