Hot day on the highway – Day sixteen

Phew, what a scorcher. I am sitting on the alburgue patio in the shade, looking out at the sun worshiping pilgrims. We left early this morning, to avoid the worst of the heat, but by 9pm I was already sweating. From Corrion it was just 17km to where we are now. The walk was almost … Read more

Along the pilgrim highway – Day fifteen

Today was a relatively short one, just 17km from the outskirts of Fromista to Carrion De Los Condes. Despite the short distance, it was tough going in the 30C heat. At times the track followed the main road, and with no shade, it felt quite a struggle. These tracks, known as sendas, are purpose built … Read more

Always been on the right path – Day fourteen

Today I passed the railway station in the town of Fromista. For me a very significant place, as two years ago I got this far, and my Camino was suddenly over. All it took was a mental collision with a brick wall and a train ticket. Within three hours I was negotiating the subway system … Read more

Lazy Sunday – Day Thirteen

The day started gloriously in the confines of my tiny tent, and despite the fact I was wide awake, I lie there well after my usual 8am albergue kick out time, because I could. The piece of land we camped on was looked after by a guy who runs the nearby albergue. He was so … Read more

Carry on camping – Day Twelve

So it was the first day that I did not update the blog! This was due to no time or any internet connection. My day started from Burgos with my friends from Poland. We started early but due to various levels of injury and fitness, we were split after 10km. Andreas was limping quite heavily … Read more

Aches, pains and holidays – Day Eleven

Hola from Burgos, a relatively bustling stop on the Camino Frances. Today is a holiday, just in this one city. When a Spanish holiday happens, everything shuts. My plans on re-supply rather hit the buffers! The day started at 6am, as it does everyday. I was walking by 7.30am through a cool, high altitude mist, … Read more

One day from Burgos – Day Ten

I had been editing my videos for the last two hours, then disaster struck, and I lost all the changes. I have a really cool app for video editing on my phone, called viva video, but I was a little too keen on the back button! So my first week video goes back to the … Read more

Pushing my limits – Day Nine

I woke this morning with a bit of a thick head after myself, and my two walking chums from Poland, demolished a couple of bottles of wine in the albergue last night. I admit it was a little reckless, but after such a long day walking, we felt we’d earned it. I slept badly last … Read more

Long day – Day Eight

  Had only intended on doing 25km today, but ended up at 37km, so a little knackered, hence this short  post! Another glass of red? Oh don’t mind if I do đŸ™‚ Feet: Good Food: Lots Feeling: Asleep

Hola La Rioja – Day Seven

The longest day for me so far, nearly 29km (18 miles), and another long one tomorrow. Oddly, I am feeling quite fit, and even the long trudge through the concrete jungle approach to Logrono did n’t seem too bad. Just 625km to Santiago! The municpal albergue was completo when I arrived in the capital of … Read more