A Slow Tour du Mont Blanc

Mont Blanc Tour Introduction The Tour du Mont Blanc is one of the world’s most famous hiking trails circling the Mt Blanc massif (mountain range) and of course Europe’s highest peak!     Walking the route usually takes around 10 to 12 days and is 170 km or 110 miles long. An annual race sees … Read more

My Camino Portugues Wrap-up

So after leaving the Via de la Plata I ended up heading over to Portugal from Spain to do the Camino Portugues. I took a bus from Merida in Spain to Lisbon, it only cost around EUR 20 and took four hours. Lisbon is a potential starting point the Camino but most pilgrims will start … Read more

Pilgrim’s Guide to Seville

It’s the eve before I set off on a 1000km walk to Santiago. I am just about fully prepared as can be, with just a couple of things to buy in the local Decathlon store. I have added some of the places that I needed to visit in preparation, including where to buy your credencial … Read more

Quick update from Sevilla

I left Barcelona yesterday and took a very fast train down to Seville. The train was actually very comfortable and the 5h30 passed quickly. I spent most of the time sorting out and organising the music on my phone. The rest of the time I was watching the speedometer at the front my carriage. We … Read more

Finishing up in Barcelona

I have been in Barcelona over a week now and really do like this place. As someone who works from cafes, it’s very hard to beat working from here. Aside from work, there is always something going on here and I love the energy of the city. It’s probably my favourite city in Europe, closely … Read more

Getting geared up for the Via de la Plata

I am in Barcelona now. I had to leave Valencia due to the cost of being there during the Fallas festival. The guesthouses and hotels increase their prices by 3 or 4 times during this period and that would totally blow a hole in my living budget. I am also not a big fan of … Read more

Introducing the Via de la Plata 

Greetings from sunny Spain. I am currently hanging out in Valencia and catching up with work. I am also planning my second Camino in between the dull work! The Via de la Plata is also known as the Silver Way as it was originally a roman road that was used to transport silver. The main … Read more