Bibbulmun Track Big Picture Map

Bibbulmun Track Map

Bibbulmun Track Map I have just completed my Bibbulmun Track map which is now available to download at the link below! It’s another labour of love What is the Bibbulmun Track? The Bibbulmun Track, or the Bibb as it\’s otherwise known, is a long distance hike from the Perth suburb of Kalamunda to the south … Read more

Camino de Santiago Big Picture Map

Welcome to the Camino de Santiago big picture map! I find it useful to have an overview of an entire hike, however long it is. I also have a love for map creation too! For these reason I have created a unique one page PDF Camino Frances map that can help you plan your Camino … Read more

Via de la Plata Map – Big Picture

via de la plata map

Welcome to the Via de la Plata Map providing you with the big picture! I personally find useful to have an overview of an entire hike, however long it is. I also have a love for creating maps too! This is what inspired to create the Via de la Plata map in the first place. … Read more

How to plan a Camino walk

Planning a Camino Hike So you have decided that you want to walk to Santiago or perhaps another Camino walk? Maybe you have watched the movie ‘The Way’ or been inspired by TV shows about the camino, or perhaps read one of the many books on caminos. In an ideal world, you would just throw … Read more

Reasons why you should hike a long distance trail

I have been hiking long distances for a number of years now. I’d say my hiking has become to an addiction, but I am sure you’d agree that it’s a pretty healthy one. This addiction probably comes from all the positives of hiking long trails. The only negative for me is the time between hikes, … Read more

Last minute purchases

How suddenly these things come around. It seems like an age since I initially planned this trip to Southwest France and across Spain, but in fact it was hatched just two months ago, in a Ho Chi Minh City hotel. I have spent a week buying and replacing gear, and just realized my sleeping bag … Read more

In a little over two weeks

This time in two weeks I will be sitting in the grande surrounds of an IBIS Budget Hotel in the French town of Bayonne. Between now and then I have a huge to do and buy list. In fact, the list isn’t even complete yet. I flew back to the UK from Indonesia last Wednesday, … Read more