Community on the move – Day Six

Normal life is as distant as the chilly winds of the Pyrenees now. It seems impossible that only one week ago I was climbing through a hole in the perimeter fence of Biarritz airport, to save a kilometer of walking.

Yep, pretty dumb, I know!

One of the great things of the Camino is that even if you choose to walk alone, once you arrive at your destination, there are familiar faces, and one week in, a growing sense of being part of a  community.

I am posting a little later today as a group of us prepared food, ate well and drank wine, as you do, on the holy day.

Last night I stayed at a huge place that was probably once a hospital, or maybe a school, in a town called Estella.

I left at 7.30, and by 8.00 I arrived at the famous wine fountain. Yes, free wine! As a tradition I had a little, of course, but wine is not quite the same at this hour.

The walk today was quite flat and I easily ate up the 20 km. It was a little cooler today, which was welcome after the heat of yesterday.

I arrived at my destination, Los Arcos, around 1.30pm, to find the main municipal albergue already full, so I have ended up in a private one.

The facilities might be modern here, but I prefer the more simple municipals, where  historically pilgrims would stay.

Feet: I placed a compeed liquid plaster on a small blister and it seems to be fine now. First signs today of foot ache as I walked into town.

Food: 3x coffee, muffin, cheese and bread, orange juice, oreos, home made veg paella, more bread, vino tinto, vino rose

Feeling: Tired but happy.