Cost of doing a Camino – Day Twenty One

I am in the pretty little town of Astorga. I only walked 18km today, but it felt hard going after a very long hike yesterday. I am in a huge alburgue (160 beds!) with far too many bunks per room. I guess pilgrims can’t be choosers!

Today was quite uneventful except for some guy who was handing out free food on the trail! I took a banana from him and tried to make a donation towards his endeavor, but he wouldn’t accept. All he wanted was a hug!

Tomorrow is potentially a long day and I’ll be very close to the highest point of the whole Camino Frances, the 1500m Cruz de Ferro. The weather looks like it’s on the turn, so my barely used rain coat could be in need.

How expensive is doing a Camino?

Doing a Camino can be as cheap or as expensive as you like. I have met someone who spends €2 a day by wild camping and spending their money on basic food (water is free and widely available). I am not convinced they are having much fun or getting enough calories!

At the other end of the scale you have pilgrims who have their bags  transported from one expensive hotel to another. They’ll be dining at the best restaurants.  These pilgrims are usually older of course, and have deep leathery tans, probably the result of spending too many winters cooking under the equatorial sun. Posh pilgrims!

Took me ages to cross that railway line!

I’m closer to the budget end of the scale.

Alburgues usually cost me €5 per night, breakfast is €3 and lunch/dinner is probably €10 max. I would guess my entire average daily spend is around €20 or £16. Not bad for a walking holiday!

Feet: All good.

Food: Lots.

Feeling: Nice.