Don’t cry for me Santiago – Day thirty three

You know when you get a song in your head. Anyway, hola from Arzua, under 40Kms to Santiago, that’s two short day walks (barely a stroll for me, ha).

I bashed out 28 Kms today with ease.  Because of my lazy zero days, quite a few familiar faces have turned up, which has been nice, in some cases.

I am staying in a bit of a weird albergue. I can’t quite explain why, but it’s one best dealt  through beery eyes.

Lots of loud young people and nun have turned up too, just to add to my annoyance. I am also sharing a large dorm with some neuvo peregrinos

You can spot all these glory hunting newcomers to the camino. They are the ones limping around the supermarket and holding everyone else up. No such problem for us with 750 Kms in our legs.

The ‘only doing the last 100 Kms to get my certificate’ bunch also say ‘buen camino’ when I pass them (I am rarely passed, probably twice on the whole camino).

Many of the real pilgrims who started in France have long given up saying this, choosing to just say hola or nod. These fresh faced pilgrims, with their pathetic day packs and fancy gear, barely deserve a ‘buen camino’ in my opinion.

Feet: Pristine.

Food: Do I really have to list the usual crap?

Feeling: Humble.

Disclaimer: Do not take my blog posts so seriously. Have a nice day.