Foothills to the flats – Day Two

Here I am at the Albergue Municipal in the charming little industrial village of Zubiri. The municipal albergues are the most basic of pilgrim accommodation, which are run by the local council, but also have a reputation for being the most sociable.

For a mere €8 or £6, you are provided with a bed, bathroom, dining facilities and a kick out time of 8am. Seems fair to me.

Today I started at 6.45am again. The walk was only 21km, 5 short of yesterday, and far less climbing.

There was quite a sharp descent on the way into Zubiri which tested my aching muscles. I was slightly worried about Zubiri being full so went pretty quickly today, but actually it was n’t necessary.

Tomorrow I have 21km to Pamplona, a big city, and famous for pissed off bulls chasing Australian backpackers. I have a bed booked already, so going to take it steady.

I am pretty tired so not going to write much more. My trousers seem to be getting tighter, despite the walking (see below). Adios amigos!

Feet: Fine, but felt first sign of skin nipping on long descent today, but not enough to warrant plasters.

Food: toast, butter, marmalade, coffee x2, crisps, butter cookies, twix, salad, bread, chicken paella, ice cream and one glass of vino tinto.

Feeling: Snotty, forgot to take anti-histamine tablet earlier, schoolboy error this time of year.