Western Australia, where fame is just a bite away

After spending six weeks in steamy Southeast Asia, I arrived in a much cooler Southwest Australia. Winter here is turning into spring, so the perfect time to get out for a walkabout. It was pretty neat to travel so far and still be in a same timezone. No jet lag here! This is all good because I am starting a two week section of Bibbulmun Track in a couple of days.


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I am staying at the YHA in downtown Perth. There is nothing youthful about this youth hostel, so I don’t feel out of place. As I write this, a very loud French gentilhomme is arguing with another senior citizen from Australia about nuclear power. Interestingly, he is speaking in French and she is speaking in English, yet their conversation still seems to be in sync.

I am spending the next day or so making a number of purchases for my bush trip. I’ll also use this gear on the TA too, which is just as well, because it’s super expensive in Australia. I’m glad those shelters and campsites are free!


I went into the Bibbulmun Foundation Office in Perth today, and met some really cool volunteers. They gave me heaps of great information, as well as some I’d probably rather not have heard. Aussies just love talking about their dangerous wildlife, they can’t help themselves!

So inevitably the conversation slithered towards the infamous Australian fauna. Apparently the Tiger Snake is so territorial that it might even chase you away. I’d read that they can move up to 10 miles an hour, which is quicker than I walk. However, an average man can sprint around 15mph, and an exceptional man (Usain Bolt) can run at 27mph.  Gold for Usain, Silver for Ant and Bronze for Mr T.Snake.

They did reassure me about the whole snake thing, and said I’d be famous in WA if I got a nip.

Hopefully my 15 minutes comes along some other time.