Pub lunch – Kal to N.Bannister, Day 2

For eight days of hiking there is no place to buy food or resupply. As you can imagine, eight days of food weighs a tonne! There is one pub however, the historic Mundaring Weir Hotel.

Mundaring Weir dam that was closed, so had to detour around it

I ended up eating a massive bowl of wedges and sour cream and chatted to a couple of locals for over an hour.

The day started a little later than I planned. I didn’t sleep so well and it was almost 9 am before I broke camp.

I met another couple of hikers who are heading my way, but they are taking it real slow, so I won’t see them again.

Mundaring Weir Dam

It was a pretty uneventful day and I am now sitting in the shelter of Helena Camp. There are lots of mosquitos around and they are my only company tonight, unless someone shows up real late.

I did not bring any mossie spray as I thought it was too early in the season for them, but it has been very warm and I was sweating buckets today with a heavy pack under a 25C sun.

I walked around 22 km, but I am already day behind my schedule so will need 6 more nights.

Kmart (my $12 tent) sitting happily in the shelter

I was so full from lunch that I didn’t have one of my cooked dinners tonight. That means I have enough now for an extra day.

I did eat a load of cheese though so that’s going to lighten my pack a bit.

The insects are driving me into my tent now, it’s nice to be here alone and not have anyone snoring or annoying me.