In Hospital & 5 reasons to do a Camino – Day Twenty

I am in a charming little town called Hospital de Orbigo.

It was a long hike today but the weather was almost perfect.

It never got too hot and I enjoyed a nice breeze.

Not much happened today of any note, so I thought I’d give you a few reasons why people do a Camino.

Here are five popular reasons…

1. Get healthy / lose weight

My trousers would suggest I have lost weight, but it’s surprising how many other pilgrims have claimed not to have lost any. This photo might have something to do with it…

2. Meet new people

Even if you are the most painfully shy person, you won’t fail to meet a whole bunch of people from all over the place.

Some will be friends for life, some will be friends for a day and some you’ll attempt to avoid until Santiago.

That guy carrying nothing on his back decided to race me. He lost.

3. To forget

Quite a few pilgrims have recently come out of relationships or lost their job. Some poor guy I met the other day lost both.

4. Because they watched the movie

Some pilgrims, particularly those from America, are only here because they saw the movie ‘The Way’. They then decided that 5 weeks of bunkbeds, blisters and bad food would make a great vacation.

5. For religious reasons

Believe it or not I met a pilgrim the other day who was a real pilgrim!

Feet: Fine. Shoe split has grown.

Food: Coffee x3, croissant, burnt tortilla (actually made a change), bread, crisps, halls menthols (dry throat), dehydrated pasta carbonara, can of peas and sweetcorn, magum (ice cream not detective)

Feeling: Strong.