Losing my religion – Day thirty

Today I passed the 100Km to go sign, meaning my time on the Camino Frances is rapidly shrinking.

Part of me wants it to end, but only part of me.

I left Sarria at 9am, and as a result had a tough slog through the intense afternoon sun. Only mad dogs and Englishmen eh!

Sarria is one of the main Camino starting points for perogrinos, particularly the Spanish. I really noticed the extra volume of people today.

Just ten minutes after I arrived at the albergue in the town of Portomarin, two coaches pulled up and unleashed 100 noisy Spanish teenagers. Argh!

I fear they are going to stop when I stop, so I might have to put up with them all the way to Santiago.

Earlier in the day I was stopped outside a church by a teacher who asked if I would spare 5 mins. He wanted me to speak in my best British English to some school kids and answer some questions. 5 mins turned in to 25, it was quite fun, and broke up the day nicely.

The Spanish I have met seem to prefer British English to American. They say it’s hard for them to understand. This is certainly at odds with my experience in Asia, where North American is more popular.

I think these last few days will be the toughest. I am already trying to figure out where I can camp tomorrow night. If you don’t like crowds, then finish your Camino before Sarria!

Feet: Fine.

Food: Coffee x3, toast, marmalade, tortilla, mixed salad, magnum (ice cream not a wine bottle of twice the standard size), pasta, microwaved veg, m&m peanuts.

Feeling: Like I should have finished in Sarria.