Through the wild flowers to Dookanelly – Kal to Col Day 14

As per usual I was the last to leave the Murray campsite but I soon caught up with the lovely group of four.

I ended up walking with them most of the way to Dooky. Their car was parked a few kms before and they were heading back to civilisation after a bike ride.

The people I have met on the Bibb have been awesome, well 95% anyway!

I needed cell coverae as I wanted to book my bus and hostel in Bunbury. I got to Dooky and realised there was no phone signal but Sophie said that 10 minutes back up the hill was coverage.

After my mid afternoon soup, I strolled back up the hill and got pretty strong 3G. I then attempted to book my bus and accommodation, while balancing my credit card on my arm.

There was no where to sit that didn’t look like the entrance to an animal’s home, so I stood and managed to book everything.

Seemed somewhat surreal to be making online transactions in the middle of a forest with wallabies bouncing past!