Last minute purchases

How suddenly these things come around. It seems like an age since I initially planned this trip to Southwest France and across Spain, but in fact it was hatched just two months ago, in a Ho Chi Minh City hotel.

I have spent a week buying and replacing gear, and just realized my sleeping bag is missing, possibly left in Bali, so I have to go back to the shops again.

My main concern seems centered around reports of how busy the Camino is this year. I have read that it’s even busier than the last holy year in 2010.

I am glad that I will have a tent with me. I don’t really want to use it, but if it saves me from a 2 hour trudge to the next available Albergue, then the extra weight will be well worth it.

I am considering booking ahead too. Sadly this seems to have become the norm on the Camino, particularly on the busier stretches.

So I am going to lay out all my gear and shoot a little video over the next few days. Hopefully this should give some insight into packing for the Camino.