Onward to Possum Springs – Kal to Collie Day 15

Man it was cold last night! I think it was the coldest night I have camped, possibly anywhere on earth, including Scotland!

The only item of clothing that didn’t remain on me was my spare merino underpants. I’d have put them on my head had it got any colder.

Today was going to be around the 25 km mark as there was a reroute that would involve a long trudge along the Murray river, but taking in the shiny new bridge.

My GPS was pretty much redundant today as I had the old route on my Maps.me app. I am glad that I took a photo of the reroute, otherwise I might have got even more lost.

Within 30 mins of leaving Dooky I was lost. The wagel markers were very few and far between on the new section. I did make it through after turning back a number of times, but it probably added an hour to my day.

I crossed the Murray Bridge and then walked along a section that is shared with four wheel drive vehicles. One in particular got very stuck! They did get out of a bit of trouble (see below) and even offered me a cold beer. I declined as I barely had enough water and it was a very hot day.

I then walked along a mining converbelt that was very noisy and ruined the walking experience for a while.

Up and over a steep hill and I would descend to Possum springs camp. Sophie was already there, as was a Nobo walker who had decided that everyone else would enjoy listening to his radio.