Pilgrim’s Guide to Seville

It’s the eve before I set off on a 1000km walk to Santiago. I am just about fully prepared as can be, with just a couple of things to buy in the local Decathlon store.

I have added some of the places that I needed to visit in preparation, including where to buy your credencial (pilgrim’s passport that allows you to stay in Albergues and gain you certificate in Santiago).

I have been staying in the very nice Hostal Sierpes in the old district of Seville. The roads around there are incredibly hard to navigate, and I seem to get lost everytime I go back there! The hosts are really friendly and speak excellent English. I would have stayed at the recommend Triana Backpackers across the river had it not been booked out.

Pilgrim passport in Seville

My first task was to locate Hotel Simon (bottom left of map near the Cathedral) because this is a place where you can buy your passport for 3 Euros. I got this information from the very helpful notes of Syates on the Camino Forum.

I then walked along to the Cathedral of Seville and got my passport stamped. I went into the main tourist entrance and waited in line where you buy tickets. I then got my stamp, but didn’t actually go into the cathedral as I’d been in on a previous trip.

Free ATMs in Seville and Spain

I had to get some money out and I’ve discovered there are at least two banks in Spain that do not charge ATM fees on foreign credit and debit cards (your own bank may do of course!).

These are Bankia and Caixa Bank. There are a number of branches in the City Centre.


Mobiles / Cellphones in Spain

There are of course more than one mobile telephone provider in Spain, but I am going to recommend Orange, as I have used them for years and always had great customer service and call reception.

You can buy a prepay or pay as you go simcard from any Orange shop. For 8.95 Euros you can sign up for 1 GB of data per month. I use my phone a lot but I never seem to need more than 1 GB a month. The staff can usually speak a little English (at least one of them!).


As I said, there are more providers than Orange. This wiki prepaid site has an up to date list of them in Spain.

Outdoor gear in Seville

I had most of my gear already but if you need a couple of things then I’d recommend the City branch of Decathlon. There is also a larger one that’s just off the VDLP in the Seville suburbs. El Corte Ingles also has an outdoor section too, but is a little more costly.


Finally, after all that shopping, you should have a glass of wine and some Tapas. I’d recommend popping into the very cozy Bar Alfalfa. They do some awesome tapas and a glass of red starts from 1.60 Eur, which ain’t half bad!


So I am hoping to get an early night tonight for an earish start tomorrow. It really doesn’t feel like I am about to start a Camino. Seville could n’t be more different from St Jean Pied de Port. I don’t really feel like a pilgrim yet.

I am sure that when I climb into my first albergue bunk bed, it will feel real again.



8 thoughts on “Pilgrim’s Guide to Seville”

  1. Yea totally recommend this place I am staying.The guys on the front desk are so helpful. They were booked out online for tonight but still had rooms available, so I am here one more night.

  2. Anthony
    A lot of effort put in on this. Excellent info .
    I have been to Seville before but have learned from your blog. Interesting that you will be taking your time so I will be interested in your choices. Much appreciated.
    Hoping everything runs to plan and you meet with some good people along the way
    Buen camino

  3. Hola! I fly out to Seville on Monday and will start walking on Saturday. I too want to visit the sights in this interesting city before I start to “Pilgrim”. Hotel is Hotel Europa very near the Cathedral (or so it looks on the map)They were very nice on the phone…
    Be safe. Ultreia!!

  4. Thanks! The next few days I’ll read your adventures, but then I need to get ready to follow in your steps. Good thing I paid for my pilgrim bunk bed in Triana already. Buen camino!

  5. In the Albergue de Luz as Municipal is closed for renovation (in Guillena). Only four here so far but was 25 yesterday. Apparently many have stayed in Seville to wait out bad weather. This albergue is quite nice and is 12 Eur including breakfast. Was very wet and muddy today!

  6. If a glass of red is 1.6 Euro, a liter is probably 3 or 4. I recommend the bulk purchase and a plastic bladder from that Decathlon to take away the extra. Of course in my case that resulted in considerable more wine consumption; at least the prices were right! (I have always wondered why so many people carry water when they could be doing this?)

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