Double hutting to Harris – Kal to Col, Day 16

Thankfully it was much warmer last night and I got up very early for what was to be a long day (34 kms in the end). The radio guy at the camp had got up very early at first light (5.30am) but that actually helped me.

I was walking by 7am and it was the first day I had to start off in more than a t-shirt. After an hour it actually rained, but luckily it wasn’t the heavy, depressingly persistent English variety.

I reached Yourdamung camp around 11am and had my lunch there. I then had a brief nap and was rather alarmed when I awoke to find a rather large spider near my head!

Sophie soon turned up and reassured me that it was a harmless Huntsman.

She was staying at Yourdamung camp but I was to say goodbye to her there. The afternoon was around 15km and dragged a little. I was hoping the campsite at Harris was going to be empty so I could put up my tent in the shelter as a cold night was forecast.

Two local men, one in his 80s, were resident in camp so I decided to pitch a little way away, needing a quiet night. They were fun to talk to and I was impressed just how tech savvy they were.

I had a good night’s sleep and luckily it was not as cold as predicted.