Pushing my limits – Day Nine

I woke this morning with a bit of a thick head after myself, and my two walking chums from Poland, demolished a couple of bottles of wine in the albergue last night. I admit it was a little reckless, but after such a long day walking, we felt we’d earned it.

I slept badly last night, probably due to the wine, and also had a bad stomach this morning. An hour into walking and I had to dive off the track into the vines. It was a little embarrassing as people were not too far behind, and could probably see me squatting. I had no choice, particularly as I am not flush with alternative clothing! So this led me to rush this morning, from one village cafe toilet, to the next.

I had lunch in Santo Domingo, the town where my first attempt at the Camino came to a whimpering end. I strode through the streets today feeling as strong as ever (stomach had cleared up thankfully). I am made of tougher stuff now, and won’t let something like a sore ankle stop me. Oh no!

I hobbled into Belorado where I am now, and had to further hobble around for half an hour to find an available bed. All this after 24 miles under a hot sun, and at times, walking beside a busy main road.

I am now tucking into my vegetarian pilgrim meal. I have been eating way too much meat. Those sneaky, meat adoring Spanish cannot help themselves, as I stare down at a huge clump of tuna in my salad. I am not a veggie, so it’s all good!

So it’s been a bit of an up and down day, but I feel proud of myself to have almost walked another marathon, with 10kgs on my back too. Some might say that I am going too quick, but each to their own. People love to give their opinions, particularly on this walk!

For me, I like the challenge of the long distances. I might walk the 3000 km (3 to 4 months) of the Te Araroa trail in New Zealand at the end of the year. If I can be a little bit badass on the Camino, then it will give me more confidence for bigger challenges.

Feet: Bad. No blisters but painful after two big days. I am even putting off the 100 yard walk from here in the restaurant back to my albergue. Thank the lord I am on the ground floor, as are the toilets.

Food: Coffee x3, toast, cheese, box of tomato, olives, bread, tuc buscuits, apple, haribos, veg salad with tuna!, veg lasagne, ice cream.

Feeling: In pain but smiling, and a little badass.