Spanish Mike and the unknown tapas – Day twenty four

I am still in Ponferrada! I decided this morning to take a day off. In thru-hiking terms, this has officially been a zero day! I am staying at a nice hostal and could extend by one day. The weather has also been dreadful, worst than England in fact, and I have not had a day’s rest in over three weeks.

I’ve seen it all now! A bloody pilgrim on a motorbike! Remove that person’s pilgrim passport at once. Shame on you biker.

The hostal I am staying is run by a man who looks like former Eastender Mike Reid. Yesterday I had to check in at a bar across the street from the hostal. Spanish Mike presented me with a welcome drink and an odd looking meaty tapas, covered in spices.

He wouldn’t tell me what it was exactly, but I could just make out in Spanish that it might be from a goat. As I picked up the suspicious looking meat, I noticed quite a few people in the bar watching with interest. As I cautiously chewed  the audience burst into laughter. I further worked out that the meat was once part of a pair. Nuff said!

The weather has been so bad today that I have been in my room for most of it. I went to the supermarket and bought a huge bar of chocolate, ate the whole thing in one go, then slept all afternoon.

Feet: Fine. Looking nice after a nail cut.

Food: Pizza, chocolate, beer and other stuff that’s generally considered bad for you (unknown tapas was yesterday).

Feeling: Rebooted and raring to go tomorrow. Nine days til Santiago!