Sprint into town – Kalamunda to Collie, Day 17

I left Harris camp around 9am and had plenty of time to catch the 5.30pm bus from Collie to the coastal ‘city’ of Bunbury.

It might well be the last day of walking through the endless jarrah forests and it was pretty flat so I got to Collie with time to spare.

Dominos were doing $5 pizzas so I grabbed one of those and then did a bit of shopping in town. It wasn’t too long before I boarded the bus as the sole passenger for the 55 km ride.

I arrived in Bunbury just before sunset and strolled the 500m from the bus station to Dolphin Lodge.

So that’s 341 km in a little over two weeks walking. Combined with the rest of the Bibb that I did in 2016, that’s more than half of the 1000km completed.