Things that go squeak in the night – Day Twenty Seven

I had my worst night’s sleep ever! The albergue had stupidly large dorms and no hot water either.

I was on the top bunk and the whole frame swayed like a drunken football fan.

Beneath me was a miserable young French girl who never smiled once. Fair enough I suppose.

She did end up tossing and turning all night, which made it feel like I was on a boat, in a very choppy sea.

As a result of the bad night’s sleep I spent the day in a state of lethargy, barely able to enjoy the stunning scenery of Galicia.

I am just 19k from Sarria, which is the closest place to Santiago that you can start and still receive your certificate. So lots of large groups of glory seeking tourists will be joining (and ruining) the experience from now on.

Feet: Good

Food: Usual Spanish muck plus dehydrated carbonara pasta, which is one of the nicest things I have eaten since leaving France (sadly).

Feeling: Tired. Merci ber coup!