Stroll to Pamplona – Day Three

Firstly, this update might be a little short,  mainly due to there being lots to see in Pamplona, but also some video editing too.

I started a little later today, well 1hr 15 later to be precise. I had pre-booked a very swanky albergue here in Pamplona, so felt no rush. The albergue is so swanky that we have our own curtains, offering a bit of privacy that’s not common on the Camino.

I walked with people for some of the stretches today, the highlight being a 65+ gent from Holland, who started his Camino in a small dutch town by the North sea! I feel like a cheat starting so close to Santiago.

It rained a little but luckily I was in a cafe, so just ordered another cafe con leche. The landscape changed within a blink of an eye from rural, industrial, suburban to city.

Being the Basque country, there was a smattering of anti Spain graffiti along the way. Some of the areas approaching Pamplona were a little sketchy. This is the thing with the Camino, you see all sides of life, nice and not so.

I bought a new sleeping bag in El Corte Ingles, a swanky department store here in Spain. I will donate my heavier one. My backpack is now 300 grams lighter!

Feet: Still just holding up, but I might have to experiment with micropore tape on my little toes as blister are waiting in the wings.

Food: Coffee x3, croissant, orange juice, apple, mushroom tortilla (pictured above), packet of olive baked savoury things, a huge plate of meat (and I mean huge), bread, toffee ice cream. NO WINE!

Note to self…
More veg and fruit required.

Feeling: Full.