Through olive groves and vineyards – Day five

I’ve had another awesome day, on The Way! I started at 7.30am, but almost immediately stopped off for breakfast. As per usual, I was the last person to leave my dormitory.

I walked with quite a few different people today, but most of the afternoon was spent in the company of two lovely ladies, one from Syria (now Adelaide) and one from Milan. Both had interesting stories to share and I look forward to seeing them again.

There is something magical about walking so early in the morning. The light makes the landscape more interesting, and the air smells so clean and pure, that your nose can easily pick out the scent of the olives and grapes growing around you.

The first hour was through arable land and my allergies flared up a little. We took on a steep section over a ridge and  suddenly I felt allergy free. It was a very hot day, and I was moving a little slow on this incline. A lady from Australia glided past me and offered one of her walking poles, which was sweet.

So as I write this now, I am lying on my  bed. It’s 3pm, and I already know that my ear plugs will need to be on standby tonight. Across the hospital-ward like room, two senior gentlemen are snoring their afternoon away, at volumes that might concern a health and safety officer. Snoring is a hot topic of conversation on the Camino, as blisters are too.

I am in a town called Estella, it seems really nice but a little old lady came out of her house and told me in Spanish to keep my money close to my chest, well that’s what I think she said!

How I wish I was fluent in Spanish, then I could properly converse with these characters. One day!

Feet: Well, I’ve had a good run, but a small blister has appeared on the ball of my foot. Compeed on for tomorrow!

Food: Coffee x2, croissant, orange juice, two slices of tortilla (Spanish potato omelette) with a tuna salad inside! Also bread, crisps, cookies, pizza (to be purchased and consumed later, preferably with a vegetable or two on it). Oh, and an ice cream too, no doubt, because I can.

Feeling: Totally awesome! As an athlete would say, I am well in the zone right now, both physically and mentally. Loving the daily routine of the way, and the characters too. Already looking forward to another day.