Along the river – Kal to Collie, Day 13

Today was another shortish day under 20 km to the Murray campsite. The female snoring brigade were heading north and thankfully away from where I was going.

Just as I was about to leave camp ‘Smellie Kelly’ (trail name) turned up for a quick breakfast before heading on to where I was going. She could only 28 days off work in one go so is double hutting all the way to reach Albany! In most cases these are 40 km days.

I got going around 9am. Despite the short day there were a number of significant hills to climb. It was the usual jarrah forest that I have become more than use to.

I arrived at Murray campsite to find a group of four women around the fire pit. They briefly looked over my way and said a collective ‘hi there’ but that was just about all the said to anyone outside their group.

They seem to spend the entire night bitching about other work colleagues and their jobs in general. I am so glad to be out of all that work politics these days. It was over 12 years ago that I had my last day in an office.

Kelly was next to arrive soon after me and we chatted for quite a while before Sophie (another end to ender) turned up. The group of four were all tenting leaving plenty of space in the shelter for Kmart and me.

Then another group of four turned up and the numbers were into double figures. They were just overnighting and were so cool that I ended up walking with them the next morning!

The noise in the camp were bordering Oxford Circus levels so I buried myself in my tent and listened to some podcasts. I then popped my head out to say hello to this new group and they fell about laughing at me.

I sat with them and was offered all sorts of treats like wine, tasty snacks etc. We talked about the Camino e Santiago as a couple of them had recently completed it. One lady was also a champion Ironman and I mentioned my sister is coming out to WA to do the Bussleton event.

It was all very social and nice and was a relatively last night. I got into my tent at 9pm and slept well.

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  1. Was great meeting you as well . It was such a fun night and quite a treat having wine and snacks which we wouldnt normally be able to take on an overnighter 🙂 Hoping the rest of your Bibb treck goes well and please if you need anything when youre back in Perth .. drop us a line , Happy to help out 😉

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