Past the halfway – Bal to Pem, Day 22

The guy who said nothing left Tom Road camp very early which meant that I could get up in my own time and have a relaxing start to the day. The shelter was actually one of my favourite on the whole Bibb so far and I was happy to linger for a while.

I had around 25 km so was looking at around  hours to Boarding House camp. I crossed the official halfway point between Kalamunda and Albany which is a significant point for end to enders.

The track also took me through a recreation area that was my halfway point for the day. I sat and had my cracker and cheese lunch while fending off mozzies and flies. These hot days are certainly encouraging out the Aussie bugs.

The afternoon was pretty flat and followed the Donnelly river. I arrived at Boarding House camp to find two older gents that I had met at another site. Tey had driven to within a couple of KMs and walked the rest and therefore got the cherished lower bunks areas.

I decided to camp a little way from the shelter to ensure a quiet and undistubed night’s sleep, which is what I got. It was while in my tent that I decided to do a double hut day in the morning.

The end of my 2017 Bibb walk was coming to an end and I was keen to get over the finish line.