Via de la Plata Big Picture

Via de la Plata Big Picture

Welcome to the VDLP Big Picture! I  find it useful to have an overview of an entire hike, however long it is. I also have a love for creating maps too!

What is a Big Picture Camino map?

A single page PDF document that has the distances between villages and towns marked out, from Seville. I have deliberately left off the individual town to town distances because it’s easy to work out, and your brain gets a little exercise too! 😉

The map can be viewed on any laptop or device, but is actually best suited for a mobile/cell phones, making it easy to access while you are on the Camino! There are also links to some useful travel sites too.

The VDLP Big Picture is free

I hope you find it useful. These maps are time consuming to make, but are a real labour of love for me. By all means feel free to donate to my map making 🙂

Simply click or tap on the image below to download the latest version. The PDF file size is actually very small at only 0.3 mb.

(if you are on a PC or laptop, you may need to right click and select save link).


There is space on my upcoming Camino Frances version for advertisers. Please contact me if you are interested. I will be bringing out further versions of other Caminos and long distance trails soon.

There are some *affiliate links in the document (these are safe to click and redirect from this site to the link) where I may receive small commissions, but you pay nothing extra if you book anything – and you help me 🙂

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  1. Geweldig zo’n mooi overzicht, hartelijk dank. Nog een jaartje wachten dan ga ik het vast gebruiken naast mijn routeboekje.

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