All good things – Day thirty four

Apologies for the late update to the blog.

Yesterday I woke at 4am and decided to walk the final 40kms in one day.

I set off in the dark and was a little excited by the challenge.

In the end It was easier than I expected. I am pleased with myself for being able to walk a marathon distance with relative ease (and carrying 10kg).

The hardest bit was the slog through the endless Santiago suburbs. I didn’t quite know how I’d feel on arrival to the cathedral. I thought I was going to feel emotional but the swarms of tourists probably took the edge off.

I bumped into quite a few people I had met before which was nice. We all seemed a little lost after so long walking. I stayed at the worst (and most expensive) albergue of the whole trip. Tinned sardines, not enough bathrooms and a grumpy owner. Not a recipe for a great stay!

I moved into a hotel today which turns out to be a 24 hour building site.

The post-camino blues have probably kicked in a bit. I have a bus ticket to sunny Portugal, so I suppose life isn’t so bad!

The Camino has been an awesome experience.

Would I do this one again? Well many people do. What would I do differently next time? Not a lot.

I would probably finish in Sarria and would choose a different month, probably September.

If it’s your first time then you should try and walk to Santiago, even if you do the Camino in chunks.

There are many other Caminos. The Le Puy route through France looks a good bet for my next one. The Camino Norte along the north Spanish coast, the Via de la Plata from Seville (big one!) and the Portugal route are all likely future expeditions.

So this blog doesn’t finish today.

It’s only just the start…

See you later in the year for New Zealand’s 3000km Te Araroa (The Long Pathway)

Feet: Two

Food: Eaten

Feeling: Content