Female snoring choir – Day 12 

I left the Dwelly caravan site just before the 10am ejection time. I made a beeline for the rather excellent Blue Wren cafe where I gorged on hamburger, chips and latte.

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hiker hunger fix #bib2017lt

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The IGA supermarket was just across the road and stumbled bloatedly over cursing myself for eating too much before a food shop (opposite to why you should never shop when you are hungry).

I managed to buy enough food to make up five days to get me through to the next town, Collie. I then headed out of town with a straight forward 16km to Oak Swamp camp.

It was mainly downhill and the immediate thing that struck me was how big and grand the trees had become. They were still jarrah trees but seem to be growing in size the further south I go.

There was also a really nice little stretch of pine trees as well. This made the trail so soft and forgiving under foot.

I reached camp and was the first to arrive. A family arrived, then another solo hiker, then a group of four women and a guy, then another group of four!

The hut was small so most people camped, including myself. It didn’t look like rain early on but overnight there was a number of heavy showers. Kmart somehow withstood this wet onslaught!

I could have slept in the hut but was warned that a champion female snorer would be next to me. Despite camping a good 10 metres away, I could still hear a chorus of female snoring from the hut.

So in went my ear plugs. I didn’t sleep too well, partly due to the rain and I am also trying to get use to my new sleeping pad. It’s very comfortable but quite narrow.